The AvayaECHI tool captures ECHI data from Avaya CMS, then imports the data to database and Splunk. The raw data file is moved to archive directory once the data is sent to database or Splunk. Since the tool uses ODBC, database such as MySQL and MSSQL are supported. The AvayaECHI supports the following features:

  • Archives ECHI raw data file to archive directory
  • Writes ECHI data to MySQL or MSSQL database
  • Writes ECHI data to Splunk
  • Imports ECHI data from local file or local directory
  • Uploads ECHI files to sftp site for backup or other purpose
  • Deletes ECHI archive files over certain period of time
  • Supports different format of ECHI file

License Key

Email Support Services

  • For continuous support,  you can purchase the 1 Year Email Support Services
  • For each instance of AvayaECHI, you need to purchase a separate Email Support Services contract
  • You are entitled to change license key one time during the supporting period for event such as change of server machine

Remote Installation and Configuration Services

  • Install, setup and configure AvayaECHI to capture ECH data
  • Configure AvayaECHI to insert ECH data to database if database logging is required
  • Configure AvayaECHI to log ECH data to Splunk if Splunk logging is required
  • Remarks:
    • OS installation is out of the work scope
    • Splunk installation is out of the work scope
    • Avaya CMS configuration, database setup and table creation is out of the work scope