AgentLight is software for Avaya agent status notification. The software integrated with a USB lighting device and showing the agent status by turning on or flashing the device with different color. For example, the software can be configured to show agent idle with green color and on call with red color. The software is designed for the Avaya contact center environment; it integrated with Avaya AES to get the agent status with TSAPI library. The AgentLight has agent software installed on agent workstations and server software installed on server such as Windows 2008R2 or above. The AgentLight provides the following features:

  • Agent presence with different color and flashing
  • Identification of assist calls or hold calls
  • Identification of shuffling among nearby agents
  • Identification of short duration calls among nearby agents
  • Identification of long ACW time
  • Identification of long AUX time with specific reason

Supported USB lighting device

  • Embrava
    • Blynclight PLUS
    • Blynclight Mini
  • Plenom
    • Kuando BUSYLIGHT UC Omega
    • Kuando BUSYLIGHT UC Alpha

Supported platform

  • AgentLight agent installed on
    • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • AgentLight server installed on
    • Windows 2008 R2 or above

License Pack  

Email Support Services

  • For continuous support,  you can purchase the 1 Year Email Support Services
  • For each instance of AgentLightSVR, you need to purchase a separate Email Support Services contract
  • You are entitled to change license key one time during the supporting period for event such as change of server machine

Remote Installation and Configuration Services

  • Install and configure one AgentLightSVR instance
  • Install and configure one AgentLight instance
  • Remarks:
    • OS installation is out of the work scope
    • AES configuration is out of the work scope
    • Avaya configuration is out of the work scope