The UPINGET dialer is a simple dialer solution developed for the Avaya contact center environment. It supports various dialing methods such as Reactive, Preview and Reminder algorithms. It can integrate with various dialing agent (technology), currently it supports dialing using basic and advanced TSAPI. When using the basic TSAPI dialing agent, phantom device is used to make call. TSAPI advanced API is used if your AE Server supports advanced TSAPI and answering machine detection is supported when your Avaya CM Outbound Call Management software license is enabled.

License Pack  

  • The License Pack consists of 1 CallAnalytics (100 Monitoring Objects) license key and 1 dialer license key

Email Support Services

  • For continuous support,  you can purchase the 1 Year Email Support Services
  • For each instance of Dialer, you need to purchase a separate Email Support Services contract
  • You are entitled to change license key one time during the supporting period for event such as change of server machine

Remote Installation and Configuration Services

  • Install and configure one Dialer instance
  • Remarks:
    • OS installation is out of the work scope
    • AES configuration is out of the work scope
    • Avaya configuration is out of the work scope