The bcmsSVR is similar to clintSVR, it is a gateway program for the access of real time and historical BCMS reports from Avaya CM. It provides API for call center reports and wallboard applications development. The bcmsSVR retrieves BCMS reports at an interval that specified by you, it stores the real time and historical data in database, Splunk and memory which enables multiple programs access the data via REST query API, OCX and C/C++ DLL interfaces. The data is presented in XML format, the following reports and interfaces are supported:

  • REST query API to get real time and historical reports
  • C++ interface header, library and DLL files are provided
  • OCX interface for VB or ASP.net programming
  • Supports XMPP connection so bcmsSVR can connect to XMPP server such as Openfire
  • Supports logging of report data to Splunk
  • Supports logging of report data to MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle database
  • Supports the following real time and historical BCMS reports
    • monitor bcms split
    • monitor bcms system
    • monitor bcms vdn
    • list bcms split
    • list bcms split day
    • list bcms vdn
    • list bcms vdn day
    • list bcms agent
    • list bcms trunk
    • list bcms summary split
    • list bcms summary vdn
    • list bcms summary agent
    • list bcms summary trunk
  • Provides API for the following commands
    • status trunk
    • display variables
    • change variables
    • display alarms
    • change agent password
    • display agent
    • list measurements hunt-group last-hour
    • list measurements hunt-group yesterday-peak
    • list measurements hunt-group today-peak
    • change agent basic information
    • add agent skills
    • delete agent skills
    • update agent skills
    • list station
    • list agent
    • list vdn
    • list trunk
    • list history
  • Free Tool using bcmsSVR


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  • You are entitled to have a permanent license key for 1 ACD connection
  • Send us your company name and MAC address for the generation of the license key

1 Year Email Support Services

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  • For continuous support,  you can purchase the 1 Year Email Support Services
  • For each instance of bcmsSVR, you need to purchase a separate Email Support Services contract
  • You are entitled to change license key one time during the supporting period for event such as change of server machine

Remote Installation and Configuration Services

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  • Install and configure bcmsSVR
  • Configure bcmsSVR to insert data to database if database logging is required
  • Configure bcmsSVR to log data to Splunk if Splunk logging is required
  • Remarks:
    • OS installation is out of the work scope
    • Avaya PBX configuration is out of the work scope